Thursday, January 23, 2014

Alta Moda

Enjoyed an exhibit with Meg today at the Queen SofĂ­a Spanish Institute on the East Side.
Photographer Mario Testino documents Peruvians in their vibrantly colored and ornately adorned traditional and festive dress from Cusco, one of the highest mountainous regions of Peru.

My art exhibit companion.

Her braids are made from wool.
The exhibit was presented in a pleasing manner.

Offered to make an afghan for my nephew Bentzi and his fiance Charly.  They requested a throw.
What is your palette?  Harkening from England, she said, "Our couch is London Bus Red". 

I chose this classy wool sock yarn.  Wow, that stuff is thin!  Took forever to finish this. But it looks nice and its really warm.

Later that week:  the blankie in action.

Thanksgiving 2013. Gift for "Pretty Girl"

Wednesday, January 15, 2014