Monday, September 27, 2010

Maker Faire 2010: great fiber art

That's me, standing between two wonderful needle women at Maker Faire. Held at The New York Hall of Science, this festival had some pretty awesome fiber art.
Robyn Love (left) is the creator of this rocket/blanket display. I contributed a 12" square. Anna Hrachovec (right) was a guest "maker" in the NYSCI library.

Lion Brand Yarn sponsored Robyn's exhibit.

From their PR:

At the rocket ship a trail of over 300 knit and crocheted squares will be attached to flow from the rocket.

This interactive exhibit will allow visitors to write notes and pin them to the yarn crafted trail of squares with their personal “message to the universe."

After the event, the squares will be recreated into afghans to donate to the Warm Up America! Foundation"

NY Hall of Science wanted to have a strong presence at Maker Faire, so as the Librarian, I invited makers that connected science and literacy to display their art in the library.

We also had Sarah Nicholls from The Center for Book Arts and Mary Carson, author of Let's Play Science. Shelby Arnold, who works with Pop-Up Master Robert Sabuda, gave a pop-up card workshop.

Anna's fungus are really adorable and exquisitely rendered. Quite a different feeling from my creations.
Here they visit on my table.

My display included the plarn bag, my fungus creations and of course my security gate sweaters (see previous post).

I was asked to wear the NYSCI t-shirt that featured the "scicons" - designed by Cara, our art director and my best friend at the Hall.

Karen, crocheter and NYSCI educator, made these adorable scicons.

Technology and robots were BIG at this event. Sure, I dig technology, why not?

Like this groovy device.

These pretty eggs were drawn on by a machine (eggbot) connected to a computer that had been programmed with a design. This is technology that spreads beauty.

Thanks, but no thanks!

Among the 173 exhibits I strolled by and kept strolling.

Amy Caterina crocheted this car cover from yarn that had a grass like look.

This is another Lion Brand project. Amy and I had a swell visit on Saturday, she is a thoughtful and joyful artist. Check out her website FreeRangeKnitting.

Red Cross Tent with two brand new crocheters who

learned at one of the many booths featuring lessons.

What's next?

How about my very own Lion Brand Yarn sponsored fiber art piece? Maybe four panels in the library, earth air fire water or winter spring summer fall. I made a connection with them, so we'll see how far it goes.

Maker Faire - thanks for the inspiration!


  1. nice post! your stuff is so great. i made several squares for robyn's rocket yarn bomb. the faire was fun--my husband and i were there on saturday. i blogged about it a few days ago.

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    I found a link to your site from Robyn Love's, which I found a link to via - isn't life grand?

    What a great security blanket you made for the library gates! I hate those things at our library, though understanding their necessity, and think the way I could come to love them is by crocheting them cozies!

    Ann Marie

  3. Hi Ann Marie
    Great to hear from a crocheter in Canada. Thanks for your sweet words. Are you a librarian?