Monday, March 28, 2011

“Infinite Variety” - an exhibit of 651 red & white quilts

Great exhibition to appreciate other needle women of days gone by: Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts.

Loved best the
~ red
~ variety of design
~ how they were exhibited.
~ Meg's company and enthusiasm

This design is called COURTHOUSE STEPS

All these precise renditions of patterns please me ~ but also made me feel my anarchist design tendency to BREAK FREE ... next afghan blanket I crochet will NOT follow a pattern too closely.

The American Folk Art Museum has dramatically transformed the Park Avenue Armory with the installation of 651 red and white American quilts, all of which are on loan from the collection of Joanna S. Rose.

“My husband asked me what I wanted,” she said, referring to her husband, Daniel, the chairman of Rose Associates, a real estate development company. “I told him, two things: something I had never seen before, and a gift for New York City. I thought, one thing I’ve never seen is these quilts all at once."

NY Times article goes into more detail.
This site has a short film about the exhibition.

Also, please note that these photographs were not taken by me, but culled from various Internet sources, including Flickr.

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