Monday, September 19, 2011

Maker Faire 2011

Maker Faire at NYSCI.  As Librarian here and a Maker, I was busy all weekend.  
Here I am set up with my Earth crochet project.  Eventually it will be part of a bigger piece: EARTH.AIR.FIRE.WATER!  Made six purple mushrooms, attached to a brown circle to show a Fairy Ring.  

Many fiber fans stopped by to enjoy my work and dig the security gate sweaters 
that remain from last year.
Anna returned this year as a Maker in the Library.
She generously made a gift of her new book, Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi, to our library.  Always a pleasure to share the day with, Anna is a talented artist and a really nice woman.

Dads and sons sewing!  Making beastie dolls.  Thought this was adorable. 

Not as many fiber artists this year as last year and that was disappointing.  I dig needle work more than circuits!  Met Sonya from San Francisco.  She does some lovely inventive knitting.

Best T Shirt Award to Jennifer Silverman: 
If I had a hammer I'd Smash Patriarchy.  

Some other fiber types I stumbled across in the Craft area: 
weave a bracelet and Solar Sewing.

Best Patch Award.  Wearer and mushroom lover told me she found this in a box of electronic wire patches.  What luck!

PRETTY!   Conductive Thread.  She gave me some with a battery holder and other equipment.

Grrrr... this is what I felt like after two full days at Maker Faire.

Shelby Arnold, Maker and Pop Up artist, works with Robert Sabuda.  She returned this year to host another Pop-Up card workshop in the library.  Great teacher, fine artist, lovely woman.

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  1. Hi Rebecca, it was really wonderful to meet you too!