Thursday, October 18, 2012

Flower Test: Rose or Daisy?

Replies to this test:
Jessica Hentoff    Rose
Rebecca Reitz     Very interesting. We must figure out what the choice says about you.
Jessica Hentoff   Complex, a multi sort of person, beautiful but with thorn  
Peggy Monahan    Daisy

Odella Schattin    Daisy

Dan Hermann      Rose.  The daisy is VERY 70s. 
Betty Chen         Daisy.

Alice Pifer          pattern on the left! but both are gorgeous!

Dee Ratterree     Daisy

Rainbow  Reitz    Although the Daisy screams HERE I AM, I do prefer the softer complexity of the Rose, by any other name smile
Terrie J. LoCicero   Rose.

Cynthia Millman     Daisy

Rebecca Reitz      I just love getting these responses. So interesting to learn which flower holds appeal. I have no psychological analysis about your choice. Love, Rebecca

Hannah: Daisy.  But it's just because it's higher contrast.  It depends what mood I'm in.
Daisy seems more 70s, flower seems more 40s.
Sarah: Hard to tell as I like them each equally but for different reasons. Rose for classic and daisy for retro.
Wendy: For me - daisy - it reminds me of flower power!
Gabby: Daisy really pops out both are lovely xoxo
  • For me?  DAISY absolutely.  Love this flower.

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