Tuesday, June 16, 2015

This shawl is my first big knitting project and is not considered to be a success.  In the winter, as I read in bed, I like a shawl to cover my shoulders and back.  I have a really old crocheted one with lots of little pieces of color.  I made this one to match the red afghan I use in bed.  But I don't like how it turned out.  

 - Not big enough to be effective in covering my shoulders and chest
 - Curls at the bottom
 - Color changes don't work with this fancy pattern

I will use these colors in my next attempt: a rectangle shawl!

Here's the model from the pattern via Lion Brand Yarns

Good Golly... I just realized that I was wearing this shawl upside down! 
Looking more carefully at the model, I notice the lacy V holes point upward. 
It works better this way, but it is still too skimpy. 

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