Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women's March in NYC!  
PussyHat Power.

Candid shot of
Claudia, Shellie and other friends

Lots of PussyHats on East 48th Street
Wearing the
PussyHats I made for them:


Cousin Sarah Kaplan 

Cousin Sarah Stern


More intriguing PussyHat Photos:
Eleanor Roosevelt 

PussyHats go global!
More PussyHats in Washington
"...the pussyhats are unabashedly feminine, in that they are pink and homemade (not to mention that they reference a derogatory term for the female anatomy). That's by design: the "Pussyhat Project" website explains that "knitting and crochet are traditionally women's crafts," adding, "[knitting] circles are powerful gatherings of women."  From this NPR article.
                    * * *
Made a couple of PussyHat pins for Sarah Rose and her friend Andy. They wanted to make a statement but not with a big hat. 

Latest issue of TIME magazine.
Excellent design.
Latest issue of The New Yorker Magazine.
I like the PussyHat, and the Rosie the Riveter reference, the person of color and (except for the fingernail) the ambiguous gender, but it lacks beauty.  This is not a beautiful painting or design.

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